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2020-03-09-10:26 p.m.

I almost finished George's dougnut pajamas today. It's fun to make clothes for little kids. Little pieces, little seams. And they look so cute when you're done. I have tags to put in the things I make, but I can't find them. Looks like tomorrow will be clean and straighten day, in hopes of finding the tags.

I'm just watching seedlings get bigger, trying to make sure I water them enough, but not too much. The onions are looking good. I want to use a few for green onions soon.

Ben replaced two sheet metal panels on the shed. I helped by handing him nails and holding things in place, also directing his nailing from inside.

I got the whole thing swept out today and it's looking nice. We have some tools in there, just the things we have been using right now. When I'm sure he is through tweaking it, I will be able to put more things in there. I wish I could post pictures. Maybe I will get a paid membership after I prove to myself that I will actually use it, that my return to writing here is not a flash in the pan.

Partial List of Things I Will Have to Spend Money on:
Pope John Paul II roses
Herb Garden

I had a dream last night that I was at a beach party with a lot of other people. The next door neighbors had a huge curtain that they pulled across the entire beach and part of the ocean in order to avoid having the glare of the sunset in their eyes! I convinced them to open the curtain so we could enjoy the beach. Eventually there were drunk people everywhere. I didn't drink anything, so I was helping the others, finding places for them to sleep, making sure they didn't get sunburned, generally being the helpful compassionate adult.

When I woke up, I felt so calm and happy and joyful. I actually have not had a drink of alcohol since October 26, and I stopped because I wanted to be a reflection of Christ, the one who Loves me. I was glad that this truth travelled from my reality into my subconscious and into my dream. To me, it was confirmation that the act of refusing to drink (to excess, as I usually did) was a concrete good thing, and would count for something eventually. This good feeling followed me all day.


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