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2013-07-18-9:02 a.m.

Tit for Tat

Andrew is spending his summer sitting in the big chair with his feet up watching movies.

I was in the kitchen yesterday and heard the music swell, so I went in there and picked a note and sang it with all my heart! The big finale!

Andrew was not amused. He grabbed the remote and pushed the pause button. "Momma, stop it."

I rubbed his head. "What's the matter? Am I messing up the end of the movie?"

I think I saw him grin and little tiny bit through his scowl. He knows that he gets up and makes noise, or decides to start talking every time there is an emotional moment in a movie we are watching. But I think endings have become important to him. I'm teasing him, but I'm happy.

This is a pretty big milestone, for a boy to crave not only the conflict and the action, but the resolution, too, and the emotional closure. It's fun to watch him grow.


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